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Leeds Discovery Centre's Story

South Bank is one of Leeds’ most vibrant neighbourhoods, home to a diverse group of people with a real mix of expertise. We caught up with Milo, a Curator of Entomology at Leeds Discovery Centre, to hear his expert opinion about what makes the South Bank so incredible.

We’re a bit of a hidden gem in the city.

Click here to find your way from Points Cross. 

Right at the heart of South Bank, Leeds Discovery Centre is a world of wonders with over one million objects and artefacts stored in state of the art facilities for the city’s museums. Milo is the Curator of Entomology and works with the Natural Science Team to preserve the insect collection kept at the Discovery Centre.

The Discovery Centre is the hub, it's like the brainchild for everything else that goes on.

We caught up with Milo to hear about all the fascinating work he has been doing and what he loves about working in the South Bank, just a stone’s throw from Points Cross. Having moved to Leeds for university, Milo was initially unfamiliar with the South Bank district but has been really involved with the Discovery Centre by running projects that introduce school children to scientists to encourage more diversity within science.

As an expert on all things insects, Milo is the go-to person for anyone who is interested in finding out more about creepy crawlies! He is currently digitising the catalogue of the vast collection of insect artefacts that are stored by the Discovery Centre, and is on hand to answer any questions. “The store here is so brilliant, it means that we can take visitors around to see whatever they want to see.”

So for any inquisitive minds, Leeds Discovery Centre is well worth a visit. With free tours open to the public, and experts on hand to answer your burning questions, it is a truly unique experience only found at the South Bank!


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